What to ride

Many seasoned cyclists swear by a traditional tourer – a bike specially designed for cycle touring – but a good quality hybrid that combines  ruggedness, comfort and easy road riding will do perfectly well.

  • Expect to pay at least £300
  • Look for a good frame able to mount a pannier rack, comfortable seat, mudguards, robust tyres
  • Hybrids are versatile and also good for commuting and general leisure use

What NOT to ride:

  • Racers and road bikes with thin slicks (tyres), unable to accommodate a pannier rack, or to travel on anything other than smooth tarmac
  • Mountain bikes with thick, chunky tyres that make road riding slow and difficult and rear suspension that inhibits the fitting of pannier racks

If you fancy a day of road or mountain biking during your trip, why not hire an appropriate bike locally?

Remember: bikes (like horses) for courses