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Make the journeys to and from your destination highlights of your trip; yet another reason to forget flying.  BLOG: Carbon Comparison and Why flying is incompatible with sustainable travel

  • Ensure your holiday begins as soon as you close your front door – that’s why it is so satisfying to begin and end your journey on boot/bike, even if it is just to travel to the station
  • Unless you can boot/bike to your starting point and complete a circular route (leaving cars at each end of a linear route is inadvisable on cost, security and environmental grounds)  you will need to use public transport
  • It does exist in the UK, however badly it compares with most of western and central Europe in terms of cost, availability and service,  but, with a little research and patience you can travel to the extremities of our isles by various types of public transport

Rail: use National Rail for details of operating companies and network maps to find the best way to the station nearest to your destination.  BLOG: How can you travel affordably by train and take your bike?

For everything you need to travel abroad by train – including routes, fares, booking tickets, cycle carrying trains – go to Seat 61 It’s simply brilliant!

Bus: there’s surprisingly good coverage in the UK, particularly with post buses, dial-a-bus etc in isolated areas.  But the service is often infrequent, so thorough pre-planning is vital.  Use Traveline  and Transport Direct  for route options and times.

Ferry: most ferries will happily transport bikes for a fraction of the cost of a car. aferry lists companies, destinations and timetables. CalMac is the major operator for Scotland’s west coast, although on very short crossings, like Islay to Jura, private operators use smaller boats.  They, plus most cruise ships on Scottish lochs, will almost always transport bikes.

Flights:  FORGET! BLOG: carbon Comparison and Why flying is incompatible with sustainable travel

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